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I have changed the template which you might notice or might not. It would be awesome if you would try some of the features (like commenting) and letting me know if it is working and/or if you like the way it looks. The main thing that is different is the little tabs that are on the header, we can put links up there to where we want, however they still have the generic links to whatever sites the designer thought were important. If you click on the 'Gecko and Fly' link you will be taken to the designer's blog and design site if you want to look at more of his work/redo your own blog.

Thanks in advance for your helpful comments.


UPDATE: I just took out the pictures of us three on the right because I think it makes it look better.


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  1. # Blogger Jessica Tankersley

    bravo. now will someone write a real post?  

  2. # Blogger Brad

    Can I ask a question? Are there any SN folks out there that could let me listen to some Derek Webb stuff? I'll be glad to purposefully lose the next game of Farkle in exchange.


  3. # Blogger Tank

    I dont have any Derek Webb stuff yet, but i will on September 1st when his cd will be free.  

  4. # Blogger M.Josiah Fehlauer

    Jessica....I DID write a real post. READ IT. shoot! (look below)

    tank, like the layout...but i miss seeing my face online....*sniff  

  5. # Blogger josh klee

    I wish I had a mac.  

  6. # Blogger Seth

    I dig the layout. It looks kinda hippie-let's-go-hug-a-tree-ish, but hey.... I hear that's in style these days. Nifty stuff.  

  7. # Blogger M.Josiah Fehlauer

    love the band. love it.  

  8. # Blogger Kaitlin

    i wish i were a hippy.. like the layout  

  9. # Blogger Brad

    I downloaded the Derek Webb album. Love it. Not as good as the SN cd though...


  10. # Blogger aimi

    I especially like the heading art on the page -- I think it's very creative. ..And the layout is very aesthetically pleasing and professional-looking. :)  

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