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Education and Procreation

I just finished my first week. A week of yelling, laughing, spitting, falling, running, jumping, playing, teaching, resting, pleading, disciplining, (and a lot of other words ending in "-ing"). My new job is with Tulsa Public Schools. I work at an Elementary school that brings together, monday - friday, little people of varied ages, races, personalities, and dimensions. My job description is a Sign Language Interpreter for the Deaf. However, my real responsibility is to be a role model, communication facilitator, and teacher. No, i dont have a license to teach, but "illegal teaching" happens everyday, everyplace, and in everyway. I am a rebel of the educational system. I have to teach. I have to tell the little boy in the bathroom to wash his hands after he pees. I have to tell the kids who pushes the other one that his behavior is not proper and he needs to apologize. I have to show the student who is struggling with his math problem a new way of thinking about it. I am an educator, and proud of it.

Little people are funny (as in young people, not physically challenged people). Their abashed honesty is sometimes disconcerting, but attractive. Sometimes they pee their pants...that is funny. somtimes they laugh at things you shouldnt laugh at, again, adorable. They can be bratty and pains in the ass, but really, they are mostly innocent and good hearted. They havent had much time to be jaded by all the shit in the world. its nice.

I had a little convo with a fellow educator who works for TPS. We shared a mutual satisfaction that is recieved from being involved in a young one's education. it really is spectacular. You can look back and say "I taught them how to READ!" I mean reading is pretty important and to teach that is pretty dang cool. So, the long and short is, Ive got a kick ass job. Thanks Dad!

Oh...the procreation part of the title:
sometimes other kids make me NOT want to procreate. being involved in education has, so far, definitely made me WANT to procreate. i mean not here and now, at Shades of Brown, but somtime and somewhere and with someone. LOL. scary.

Give peace a Chance.

M. Josiah Fehlauer


8 Responses to “Education and Procreation”

  1. # Blogger aimi

    Gosh. You're right. Being a role model and educator is an incredibly important job. And on top of that, being an interpreter is perhaps even more significant. I mean you are a direct link to these kids' understanding and interpretation of the world. The way you interpret and relate things to them is going to influence how they, in turn, relate to and influence other people and situations in their own lives. That is SO huge. You are, in several ways, a gatekeeper..
    I am so, SO proud of you and what you do.  

  2. # Blogger Seth

    Sounds like an ace job, man. Education is huge. I'm glad you're doing what you're doing.

    Also, I'm glad that you're not procreating at Shades. That's kinda... shady.  

  3. # Blogger M.Josiah Fehlauer

    aimi, fair maiden, thank you for continued affirmation.

    seth....procreating at shades is a shady situation that may some day shadily happen under the shade of a coffee table.....uh, what?!  

  4. # Blogger Jessica Tankersley

    okay okay, so you did write a "real" post, and i read it, and i liked it and i think kids are really cool, and I appreciate your distinction between little people being young and not "physically challenged" .... haha

    seriously though, that is the only thing I hate about being short - it's being treated like a child, since i am often mistaken as one. I guess if the world didn't treat kids like shit I wouldn't mind, but I am constantly on the receiving end of adults talking down to me, ingoring me, etc ... makes me remember every day to never be that way to kids.

    don't you find you have as much so to learn from the kids as they might be learning from you?

    that doesn't have to be a rhetorical question.  

  5. # Blogger Brad

    OK I have an answer as to what to do with the poker earnings. Save it! Put it into a long term CD, if they have one you can open for $50+. Not just to do something fun with, but save it for when you start that procreating. It will cost you a fortune. Little people actually those not so little, preteens, teens and limited adult children cost a bunch. Just ask your parents. Brad and I were faced with a choice once of buying a new computer, the lastest Apple with 33megs or a child. We opted for the child. He ended up costing about the same amount to get him here as the computer. Over the years much more. At times during the teen years I have wondered if the computer would not have been the better investment. However a computer can't call you everyday just to say hi and maybe fish for an invite to dinner. So guys, call your mom. Tell her you are glad she has you instead of some new computer that is out dated in 6 mos. Her love for you is never out dated. It might even be the closest thing you experience of Jesus love being shown in the flesh. After all she sacrificed that computer for you! Oh yes, Josiah, first find a girl who loves God with all her soul, mind and strenght. The best thing you can do for your kids is be madly in love with their mom.
    momma sue  

  6. # Blogger Brad

    OK Sue. Get your own Blogger account!


  7. # Blogger Chrisropa

    "I have to tell the kids who pushes the other one that his behavior is not proper"

    were those your exact words? if i was that kid i would have laughed at you.  

  8. # Blogger Josiah - The First

    I've procreated. It will arrive January 16th (ish). It's funny to read this OLD blog and realize how much life has changed since I blogged this.  

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